How Can You Purpose HReality?

Developed to dynamically meet a variety of professional and educational needs, HReality is innovating the next generation of online virtual interaction.

With the ability to be purposed in a multitude of ways, HReality is currently seeking BETA partners for custom virtual environments inclusive of virtual classrooms, corporate training, next-level branded virtual experiences, and immersive retail experiences, in addition to the self-service convention offering, HReality Events.

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HReality for Corporate Training

Corporate training can be one of the most expensive and time-consuming ventures a business undertakes, but the cost of not providing industry-specific training is harmful to the bottom line, all while access to training creates immense barriers. Online content delivery has assuaged some barriers to corporate training, although, for hands-on experience training this has been detrimental.

Whether training a cardiovascular surgeon to change a heart valve or a mechanic to fix an engine, some learning is just better suited for different delivery methods. With the revolutionary ability to include kinesthetic learning, HReality enables users to fully interact with in-environment objects and provides haptic and kinetic feedback to improve learning and retention.

Flexibly and scalability host modular educational courses with optional self-service certificate outcomes. The HReality learning interface includes didactic information, a resource library, interactive 3/4D animation, haptic feedback, and spatial sound. HReality is perfect for traditional classrooms experiences, corporate training, industry training, new product introductions, and more.
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HReality Classrooms

The value of academia, mentorship, and experiential learning has depreciated with the induction of online learning—much of the human-to-human motivators and interactions were replaced with message boards, video lectures, and the repetition of weekly assignment submissions. HReality is actively counteracting this by bringing back the connective, human aspect to online learning.

HReality classrooms introduce natural human behaviors and appearances into a simulated environment to improve learning, incorporating all four learning modalities, experiential learning, and mentorship. The HReality learning interface includes didactic information, a resource library, interactive 3/4D animation, haptic feedback, and spatial sound.

Are you an academic innovator interested in AR and VR? Check out the research we're conducting and join our team of academic visionaries.
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HReality Corporate Conference Centers

Provide the real experience and feeling of your corporate office, campus, manufacturing facility, industrial space, or whatever location you do business with a true branded virtual experience. With 4D interactivity, provide a new level of fidelity and customer interaction to online branded experiences. Users can walk around, interact with your environment and your people, and learn about your operations along the way.
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HReality for Retail

Retailer with a vision for the future? How about the best of both worlds?

Create the hybrid shopping experience of the future by combining the ambiance of your brick-and-mortar location with AR and VR-enhanced interactions. Gain efficiencies in real-time inventorying and provide instantly accessible product information for customers with the globalized nuances of sourcing materials and production methods.

The face of retail has been changing since Amazon disrupted the traditional shopping experience. It's time to virtually disrupt retail and create more interactive, engaging experiences driven by new tech efficiencies and new possibilities for in-person and online shopping.

HReality offers truly superior interactivity, engagement, and data capture opportunities for retailers looking to reinvent the online and in-person retail experience with AR and VR.
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Branded Virtual Experiences with HReality

When it comes to virtual, go big or go home. Make your branded experience a part of the metaverse and provide a virtual experience that rivals your in-person experience. Whether you’re virtualizing a concert or festival, showroom, immersive exhibit, or branded Super Bowl event, HReality provides a new level of interaction virtually. Users can fully explore and experience your environment and interact in real time.
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HReality Events

Revolutionizing the professional event industry by democratizing superior quality one-to-one interactions over remote distances, HReality Events is an all-in-one virtual hosting platform for conventions, conferences, product launches, seminars, and tradeshows with a focus on business networking, knowledge transfer, thought leadership, and educational trainings.

Learn more about HReality Events.

HReality Custom Virtual Environments

How else can HReality be purposed? The sky's the limit! If you're interested in innovating your industry, fill out the form below to inquire about becoming an HReality BETA partner.

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