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Not All Virtual is Created Equal

Backed by the power of convergent technologies and new capabilities of digital transformation, HReality provides incredible virtual customer experiences that rival and outperform conventional, in-person brand experiences.

With a giant leap forward in professional conference-style VR event production, HReality was developed as a complementary technology to AI-assisted marketing funnels within ecommerce. HReality achieves the next level of interactivity and return on brand investment for commercial advertising within inbound brand experiences.

Don't just digitize your event, make it a true virtual experience that wows.

What is
Hybrid Reality?

What is
Hybrid Reality?

Hybrid Reality (HReality) is a first-person mixed reality environment that introduces natural human behaviors and appearances into professional VR environments and interactions to help foster true-to-life interactions, seamless knowledge transfer, and networking that resonates. This mixed reality environment is created through the combination of AR, VR, lidar, 3D animation, spatial digital computing, and the professionalization of gamification. By integrating the physical human experience into the digital worlds, HReality is truly a first-person affair—see it, feel it, experience it.

HReality combines converging video technologies to dynamically integrate and digitally overlay physical footage into the virtual world, allowing real-time interaction and an enhanced virtual user experience. When combining real environments, augmented reality, and virtual reality, the technologies overlay to create amazing and seamless, brand-centric parallel reality environments.

HReality is truly hybrid as it’s continuously evolving and incorporating the best technology that drives interaction and connectivity at the next level, as it comes out.

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Components of HReality

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Live or prerecorded video is streamed into the virtual environment as an interactive layer. Presentations, speeches, lectures, sales pitches, and more become virtually interactive.
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3D Animation

3D animation combines models of objects and programmed movement. Models are constructed out of geometrical vertices, faces, and edges within a 3D coordinate system. After sculpting, textures are added for realism.
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Virtual reality immerses users in a fully artificial digital environment. Augmented reality overlays virtual objects on the real-world environment with spatial registration that enables geometric persistence concerning placement and orientation within the real world.
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Professionalication is a key architectural element and concept stemming from the development of the HReality. Professionalication is the evolution of gamification methods applied to professional applications of online business and commerce. Professionalication leverages photorealistic personas, virtual environments, and new hybrid techniques to deliver real-to-life professional interactions.
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Lidar is a method for measuring distances within an environment by using laser light to illuminate the target and measure the reflection with sensors. Laser wavelengths are then used to make a digital 3-D representation and recreate the true perceived distance between objects in a virtual environment. The ouput is a Lidar point cloud, used to create the framerwork to present virtual or conventional imagery.

Virtual Reach Score calculates the amplification of actual brand engagement based on a net ROI formula calculated from standard, measurable key performance indicators (KPI). The ROI formula contains determined formula drivers such as DefaultFactor, BlockRateFactor, GeoVideoFactor, and ViewershipFactor.

Gain Greater Virtual Event Insights

HReality is introducing a new era of data capture. Within AR and virtual environments, data capture now needs to fully encompass simultaneous interactions in two planes of space. Instead of the user just interacting with a static screen, they're now interacting within the environment and new types of data are realized, such as how close do users stand to each other when interacting and the resulting behaviors, all while "normal" online interaction happens (e.g., eye tracking, clicks, etc.).

Quantum analytics will be introduced by interacting in two fields of existence in real time, as the professional is sitting behind their console in one physical space and their avatar is interacting in real time in a different space. Thinking about and starting to define quantum analytics opens the door for new perspectives. Currently, Google and others can categorize someone based off their social interests, but not body language, cultural nuances, mood, and micro pre- and post-transactional behaviors. With personally personified avatars, these types of data sets now become possible.

With HReality, data capture and business intelligence are integrated into every aspect of the environment, creating greater return on your investment. This means all HReality environments include passive monitoring and data analysis. Analytics include average time users spend in designated areas, impressions, overall experience users had, and a full report of what digital collateral users interacted with to leverage for future events.

It is now possible to measure virtual event interactions and downline behaviors with Virtual Reach Score (VRS). The AI-driven measurement system was developed to quantify the reach and engagement of convergent technologies, like AR and VR, and consider new best practices to identify the true marketing ROI of a streamed event.

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Corporate Training
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Virtual Tours
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Easy Interface and Transition

Manufacturers, industry suppliers, dealers, and users build their booth, expert presentation, and/or breakout groups with a WYSIWYG portal.

  • Select booth style and pay
  • Upload brand graphics, or submit a request for graphics
  • Mitigates all risk
  • Leverages existing budget-neutral assets
  • Costs far less and connects way more

Interactions and Integrated Experiences

  • Watch pre-recorded promotional messages
  • Interact with live video chat
  • Seamlessly download digital material
  • Submit requests for more information
  • Schedule and attend follow-up meetings in real time

Take your event online and create a virtual event community

  • Virtual tradeshow with custom landing pages for exhibitors and sponsors.
  • Live or recorded keynotes and breakout sessions.
  • Attendees can easily request more information or share their contact info with exhibitors.
  • Searchable directory of attendees, vendors, and others.
  • Live networking and relationship building meetups.
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Applications of HReality

HReality for Virtual Conventions

Revolutionizing the professional event industry, HReality Events is an all-in-one virtual hosting platform for conventions, conferences, and tradeshows with a focus on business networking, knowledge transfer, thought leadership, and educational trainings.

This first-of-its-kind platform offers integrated dynamic communications with user-friendly interfaces and portals that allow hosts to download and invite large databases with a click of a button, sending dynamically populated, personalized marketing communications to prospective leads and attendees through automated customer experience funnels.

The platform also offers sponsors and exhibitors the ability to customize and manage their booths, generate digital collateral to leave with attendees, and provides post-event analytics on booth visits, collateral downloads, attendee interactions, and much more. Just like the full environment, all virtual booths in the exhibit hall are fully interactive and explorable.

Through virtual showrooms and demo centers, customers interact with conference content in a 4D environment and explore interactive equipment/products/etc. illustrations that allow every element and operation to be interacted with.

Breakout rooms and amphitheaters provide the real conference experience with enhanced content focused on the reason people attend: knowledge transfer. These rooms scale to your needs, whether that be intimate breakout rooms for round table discussions and breakout groups or 1000+ person amphitheaters for keynote speakers. All rooms include spatial sound.

Lastly, HReality Events also includes in conference sponsorship and advertising opportunities in addition to supplemental advertising in event communications, additional collateral, and promotions for hosts to maximize their return on investment.

Application of HReality

HReality for Graduations

Take your traditional or online graduations to a whole new level with HReality. With the purpose of virtually emulating the traditional experience, HReality builds environments on spec to perfectly match your traditional venue with added digital benefits.

Prior to the ceremony, graduating students receive a personalized link to their private family "chat room." This link can be shared with family and friends, so they can watch the virtual ceremony together with video and audio capabilities that are private to their group. This eliminates any contingent liabilities.

Read more about the real deployment of HReality for graduations.

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Application of HReality

HReality for Learning Platform Delivery

While HReality is new, our experience in curriculum development is decades in the making.

HReality offers you the opportunity to flexibly and scalability host modular educational courses with optional self-service certificate outcomes. With a consistent, cross-generational user experience, HReality is perfect for traditional classrooms experiences, higher ed, corporate training, new product introductions, to name a few.

The value of academia, mentorship, and experiential learning has depreciated with the induction of online learning—much of the human-to-human motivators and interactions were replaced with message boards, video lectures, and the repetition of weekly assignment submissions. HReality is actively counteracting this by bringing back the connective, human aspect to online learning.

HReality classrooms introduce natural human behaviors and appearances into a simulated environment to improve learning, incorporating all four learning modalities, experiential learning, and mentorship. The HReality learning interface includes didactic information, resource library, interactive 3/4D animation, haptic feedback, and spatial sound.

Current online learning "classrooms" are not conducive to collaboration and hands-on learning. What happens when you're able to share a traditional classroom setting virtually? Imagine you're a university who works with in-class digital cadavers, those hands-on lessons don't have the same impact on a video call. But in a virtual classroom, where students are interacting physically in a mixed reality setting, the possibilities are limitless. Imagine sitting under an apple tree with George Washington as you learn history. Or, you're having an open class discussion on classic literature with the author. Just imagine.

HReality is currently conducting ongoing research with University of Advancing Technology to determine the efficacy of learning in HReality virtual environments.

Through a three-part, single sign on-based system integrated through existing website assets, HReality is a solution to your digital curriculum needs. HReality educational solutions provide a more consistent user experience, accommodates current and future educational needs, comprehensive and centralized administration, securely integrated login, registration, and commerce.
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Application of HReality

HReality for Virtual Tours

Drone tours were cool five years ago. Take your office, campus, retail space, or manufacturing plant tour to the next level with HReality. Tourists get to experience the real feeling of your space by walking around, interacting with your environment, and learning about your operations along the way.

Through the use of lidar and VR/AR technologies, tourists get to physically interact with your environment while touring your facility. With pre-produced green screen video, they interact with your people and learn about their unique positions in your environment. Through gaming inspired mechanics, tourists can take a deeper dive into your operations and view what's being worked on.

Want to meet the creators of HReality? Visit to tour our agency.

Application of HReality

HReality for Retail

HReality is creating the hybrid shopping experience of the future by combining the ambiance of brick-and-mortar locations with AR and VR-enhanced interactions. Gain efficiencies in real-time inventorying and provide instantly accessible product information for customers with the globalized nuances of sourcing materials and production methods.

The face of retail has been changing since Amazon disrupted the traditional shopping experience. It’s time to virtually disrupt retail and create more interactive, engaging experiences driven by new tech efficiencies and new possibilities for in-person and online shopping. HReality offers truly superior interactivity, engagement, and data capture opportunities for retailers with AR and VR.

Application of HReality

HReality for corporate training

Corporate training can be one of the most expensive and time-consuming ventures a business undertakes, but the cost of not providing industry-specific training is harmful to the bottom line, all while access to training creates immense barriers. Online content delivery has assuaged some barriers to corporate training, although, for hands-on experience training this has been detrimental.

Whether training a cardiovascular surgeon to change a heart valve or a mechanic to fix an engine, some learning is just better suited for different delivery methods. With the revolutionary ability to include kinesthetic learning, HReality enables users to fully interact with in-environment objects and provides haptic and kinetic feedback to improve learning and retention.

Flexibly and scalability host modular educational courses with optional self-service certificate outcomes. HReality is perfect for traditional classrooms experiences, corporate training, industry training, new product introductions, and more. The HReality learning interface includes didactic information, resource library, interactive 3/4D animation, haptic feedback, and spatial sound.

By aggregating the digital distribution of company training content, HReality enables you to strongly protect your brand. Control brand erosion through single sign on, double authentication, etc. and provide dynamic access, use, and transparency in the last mile where users are accessing your training content.

Meet the Team

The HReality virtual development team can be found around the world and is chock full of technology specialists in human-computer interaction, virtual reality, and game development.

Troy Patterson

Lead Unity Developer

Brian Johnson

Interactive Senior Developer

Kenn Edwards

Character Artist

Gerry Tucker

AR Developer

Troy Patterson
Lead Unity Developer

A true maven in all areas of development, Troy is the man leading the HReality virtual development team. He puts his talents into the functionality implementation, feature development, optimization, and source control management of HReality. Passionate about all things computers, Troy earned a degree in Computer Science at the University of Texas at San Antonio and taught video game development courses at tech camps for kids in Austin.

Troy is a man of many talents: he can recite the prologue to Romeo and Juliet, captured all 151 Pokémon on Pokémon Red, and created an in-house music studio where he’s recorded albums, EPs, mixtapes, and music videos. Outside of work, Troy enjoys playing basketball, video games, watching plays, building computers, working out, and BBQing with family.

Troy Patterson, Lead Unity Developer
Troy Patterson, Lead Unity Developer
Troy Patterson, Lead Unity Developer

Brian Johnson
Interactive Senior Developer

Brian is the man with his fingers in the code. With a deep understanding of Unity’s different moving parts and mechanisms, Brian is a specialist in the management, implementation, and deployment of UI/UX elements into the virtual experiences on the HReality platform. Brian enjoys blending the 3D environments of game programming with human-computer interaction. Within HReality, this is taken a step further to personify business professional interactions and networking at the highest level of fidelity.

Brian loves gaming for its ability to bring people together over distance and earned his degree in Game Programming from the University of Advancing Technology. Brian’s hobbies include playing Dungeons and Dragons, biking, and hanging out with his wife and cats.

Brian Johnson, Interactive Senior Developer
Brian Johnson, Interactive Senior Developer
Brian Johnson, Interactive Senior Developer

Gerry Tucker
AR Developer

Who’s that man in the suit? It’s Gerry! … and it’s not just any suit, it’s a wearable device that records his body movements to be made into animations. As an AR developer for HReality, Gerry works on motion capture, animation systems, and color customization. Gerry’s expertise is leading the capture and creation of business professional body movements for HReality. With a BFA in Game Art Animation and minor in Game Design from DePaul University, Gerry has combined his passion for tricking with his profession.

Born from family ties to the Jesse White Tumblers, a Chicago-based tumbling team, Gerry’s foundation in tumbling led him to discovering tricking and creating a career out of it. In his free time, Gerry likes to trick, watch anime, and study and play games.

Gerry Tucker, AR Developer
Gerry Tucker, AR Developer
Gerry Tucker, AR Developer

Kenn Edwards
Character Artist

Kenn is a self-taught character artist with almost a decade of experience. Through software like Zbrush and Substance Painter, Kenn creates avatars and clothing for HReality that are truly works of art. Native to New York, Kenn now lives in Georgia, beaming into FabCom’s Scottsdale, AZ headquarters virtually to work with the HReality development team. An avid streamer, you can find Kenn on Twitch showcasing his art journey and creating assets from start to finish. Outside of work, Kenn likes doing likeness studies and side projects to improve his craft. Recently, he’s delved into YouTube to further document his art. With a love of cooking, Kenn has been pescatarian/vegetarian for the last 10 plus years.

Kenn Edwards
Kenn Edwards
Kenn Edwards
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The Team Behind the Team

Team FabCom is home to award-winning creatives, technologists, and strategists working together to deliver truly effective integrated marketing and advertising services.

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